You never will be just a blip in time

Ianto Jones. Not for me


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Next 3 videos are stupid.

john scot barrowman, mbe, a huge nerd. [1] [2] [3] [4]


via John Barrowman: “My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from @amellywood what could possibly go wrong” (x)

challenging: Misha Collins, David Tennant and Colton Haynes


Gareth David-Lloyd says hello to Doctor Who and Torchwood fans on Tumblr (x)


John: The bit I love remembering is one of the evenings, I think we were dancing in my room one point, and everybody else went to bed. I couldn’t sleep by myself because I thought the place was haunted. I knock on the door that it’s Eve’s and she opens up and goes ‘I was expecting you’ and she’s standing in a tube top with a G string on and i’m there in my transformers pajamas. And she went 'come on in love, cwtch' and we both went to bed and slept together and cuddled the whole night. [x] [more torchwood cast]